Schedule ****updated*****

Thursday: Leading as a disciple

9:00am – Registration and Light Breakfast

9:30am – Worship

10:00am – You Are Not Alone: Eric Cepin
You are familiar with the stories of the God-followers who have gone before you. Your story is not unlike theirs…
11:30am – Lunch

12:45pm – Worship

10:00am – The Lies Leaders Believe: Rod Hugen with Panel
Misguided expectations can cause ministry to become a burden. What are God’s expectations of you?

2:30pm – Break

2:45pm – Worship

3:00pm – Leading in Weakness: Julie Brunson with Panel
So often we are inclined to lead from our strengths, but Jesus is clear that His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

5:00pm – Dinner

6:30pm – Worship

6:45pm – Trinitarian Prayer: Rod Hugen and Eric Cepin
Community prayer that engages God in His communal nature.

Friday: Discipling in Community

8:30am –  Light Breakfast

9:00am – Worship

9:30am – Community as a Crime Scene: Ron Layman with Panel
Any community centered on the Gospel and Grace is going to be messy.

10:45am – One Person at a Time: Eric Cepin with Panel
Missional strategies are often formulaic in nature, but Jesus’ ministry was highly relational.

12:00pm- Lunch

1:30pm – Worship

1:45pm – Table of Decision: Eric Cepin
Integrating the gospel into the stuff of life.

2:00pm Table of Decision Breakout Groups

5:00pm – Dinner

6:30pm – Worship and Creativity Experience: Mark Crawford and Susan Cepin

Saturday: Discipling in Creativity

8:30am –  Light Breakfast

9:00am – Worship

9:10am – Creativity: Eric Cepin with Panel
Practical ways of helping your community worship God.

10am – Creativity Practice Breakout Sessions

11:30am – Wrap up: Rod Hugen

12:00– Lunch

1:30pm – Post-Conference Conversation, Music, Q and A, etc.