Over the past 16 years, The Village Church Tucson has gathered and formed a community of people from many faith traditions, socio-cultural backgrounds and life experiences. We have been recognized for our effective relational, rather than hierarchical, ways of discipling one another and authentically forming community around the Gospel. Classis Arizona of the Christian Reformed Church has given us the opportunity to offer discipling praxis that will invite you and your communities into fruitful experience of mutual discipleship and the formation of “discipling communities.”

The Village Conference 2017: Encouraging Discipling Communities will allow those who gather with us to experience some of the ways the Village has formed around this relational understanding of the Gospel, worship, and discipleship. As a gathered community, we will envision together transformations that may be brought into the broader community of believers and pre-believers.


We hope to see you here!

To understand more about what we mean by a “Discipling Community,” consider working through some of these studies with your community or on your own before you come to the Village Conference

The Gospel
The Six Ways