Hot Seat Rules to Live by…

Things to Avoid:

  • “Why” Questions
  • Stories about yourself
  • Explanations
  • “Yes” or ”No” Questions
  • Advice

Things to Practice:

  • Open-ended Questions
  • Reflective Listening (“So it sounds like…,” “I hear you saying that…”)
  • Locating emotions (“How did you feel when…”)
  • Locating beliefs (“What belief did this stem from…?”)
  • Locating choices (“What choice did you make…?)

Listening to Jesus Together:

  • How does His story impact this situation?
  • What is your true identity in Christ?
  • What would your life in the kingdom of God look like if you trusted Him here?
  • How have you been finding relief?
  • How is Jesus inviting you into relationship?